Chrome Releases Truk Pro Urban SPD Shoes

Long known for its burly yet oh-so-cool line of messenger bags, Chrome has, over the course of the past couple of years, steadily expanded its product portfolio to include some pretty damn cool clothing and shoe offerings. With its low-profile silhouette and all-black livery—save for the red Chrome logo—the Truk Pro falls easily into the cool category alongside its siblings.

Aesthetics aside, Chrome's new SPD sneaker packs a bit of performance under the hood, employing something that the company calls FlexPlate technology. In other words, the heel to the ball of the foot is stiff, whereas the area from the ball of the foot forward offers a comfortable amount of flex.

Flat-pedal fanatic or old-school clip-and-strap supporter? No problem. We're currently rocking 'em sans any SPD-style interactivity and enjoying their style and feel on the flat pedals.

Sizing for the Truk Pro is definitely a bit generous, so if you're obsessive about a snug fit, you might want to size down a half step or visit your nearest brick-and-mortar Chrome store—otherwise your toes are going enjoy a bit more wiggle room than you bargained for.

$95 | Chrome