Blackburn Design Wants You to Get ‘Out There’

In announcement of Blackburn’s new ‘Out There’ initiative, they’ve gone and produced an entertaining little edit that highlights the importance of keeping adventure off of life’s back-burner.

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Founded 35 years ago, Blackburn has a rather strong track record, and has consistently made quality products that have found their way into our personal riding gear (we actually even paid for them, gasp!), and we’re excited to see a renewed push towards putting the focus back on the rider, not just the product.

To achieve this, Blackburn has dreamed up their Out There initiative for which they’ve enlisted six ‘rangers’ to embark on two of cycling’s most storied routes—the Pacific Coast Highway and the Great Divide.

Be sure to bookmark the Out There webpage, and check back for updates from both Ranger crews over the course of their respective adventures. Expect more videos, blog posts, as well as useful information to help you out should you decide to embark on a cycling adventure of your own.