ATOC: The Cliff Notes

Not everyone can afford using up all their sick days to stay home and watch every stage of this year’s Amgen Tour of California from start to finish, so with that in mind, we’re compiling a sort of slacker’s cheat sheet to this year’s race. Be sure to bookmark or check back regularly as we’ll be updating this post throughout the race.

Stage Four Highlights

Proof | 2013 Tour of California: Stages 3 & 4
Sprinters and Superfans take top honors in stages 3 and 4.

Stage Three Highlights

Proof | 2013 Tour of California: Stages 1 & 2

Photo gallery by Mark Johnson

Stage Two Highlights

Stage One Highlights

Coffee Drinker’s Guide to the Amgen Tour of California

If you like coffee even just a fraction as much as the Paved staff, do yourself a favor and check out Jen See’s stage-by-stage guide to the best brew along this year’s race route

2013 Route Video

Be sure to watch for the Paved cameo at 2:42!