(V)ery (I)ntoxicated (P)ersons Take over Vail Pass as Tejay Van Garderen Extends His Lead

Time trials are boring. There, I’ve gone an said it. Sure the whole man vs. clock. vs. pain scenario has its own inherent drama, but let’s be honest, see one and you’ve exhausted most of the novelty of the matter. Sure, it’s hard not to be impressed by the incredible efforts being put forth by the riders, but after a certain point, the riders start to just blend together in their painful undertaking.

Some guys had bad days, some had good days, while others had particularly good days. Tejay Van Garderen had a good day, breaking the course record set in 2011, and taking the stage, further tightening his grip on the GC. Andrew Talansky had a good day as well, going under the old record, and taking second on the stage.

But it was the fans who had a particularly good day…