Palmer’s Peeves: Forks

Forks are great and all, but people should stop messing with them

In this installment of Palmer’s Peeves, our favorite malcontent takes aim at some of aggressive mountain biking’s most treasured tools. The practice of “overforking,” or installing longer-travel front suspension than a bike is intended for, is a practice that took hold long before we knew what we know about geometry. In simpler times when bikes were tall and tight, and really you probably couldn’t make them much worse, so why not add an extra inch up front? Now, bikes take a more wholistic approach to geometry, and you just don’t mess with it. That applies to Palmer’s second peeve of the day, which is short-offset forks. Palmer doesn’t have an issue with the concept itself. Most of his bikes use short-offset forks, and Transition Bikes has made a great case for their existence. But as the movement has taken over, it’s forced all brands to get on board and we’re already seeing forks come out that aren’t available in traditional offset. The largely misunderstood practice has lead to confusion and distraction, and all for a benefit that may not have been worth it. Oh, and Palmer also doesn’t like how his iphone’s predictive text works. Enjoy.

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