YT employs athletes that live, sleep and eat mountain bikes. The company has a deep roster for 2018 with legends and rookies alike. Here is the full line-up:

Andreu Lacondeguy

Photo: Ale Di Lullo

Slopestyle star, Rampage competitor and YT athlete since the beginning. Lacondeguy is back for 2018.

Cam Zink

Photo: Ale Di Lullo

At the 2017 Red Bull Rampage Zink threw the biggest flat-drop backflip we have ever seen. That is about all you need to know. But he’s also a business owner and a family man with two kids. Zink does it all. And he isn’t done yet.

Ethan Nell

Photo: Ale Di Lullo

Another athlete who made a name for himself at Rampage. Last year was Nell’s first year as a competitor in the Utah-desert event, and he took third place with a massive suicide no-hander onto a lily pad. Nell may be a rookie, but he’s already pushing the bar to new heights.

Brett Tippie

Photo: Ale Di Lullo

Joke teller, Fro Rider, and YT good times director. Tippie is back on the YT team for another year.

Rob Warner

Photo: Steve Jones

You might not know what he looks like, but if you have watched any UCI Downhill World Cup races, you know his voice. Warner is a retired downhill racer turned commentator that still rips on a bike. And he is now part of the YT family.

Bryan Regnier

Photo: Ale Di Lullo

Regnier has raced select EWS races, but he’s also been a big part of YT’s communication team, and can ride any bike in the stable with effortless style.

Yannick Granieri

Photo: Ale Di Lullo

Granieri make slopestyle look easy. The French rider is all about having fun, looking casual and crushing the competition on massive jumps.

Adolf Silva

Photo: Ale Di Lullo

Young and excited, Silva took the best trick prize at the Taxco Urban Downhill event. He’s looking to grow his 2018 resumé of podiums while riding YT bikes.

Jordie Lunn

Photo: Ale Di Lullo

Everything you need to know about Lunn can be found here. He is covered in tattoos, commands an intimidating presence and is the nicest guy around. And he goes bigger than pretty much anybody else in the sport. Just check out his “Rough as F*ck” videos if you don’t believe me.

Ace Hayden

Photo: Ale Di Lullo

Hayden hails from Canada and embodies the mountain biking lifestyle. He always has a smile on his face and is ready to have a good time on his YT.

Austin Warren

Photo: Ale Di Lullo

Also known as Bubba, Warren is known for styling some of the biggest whips in the industry, on both moto and mountain bikes. Keep an eye on him during the Crankworx World Tour.

Vali Holl

Photo by James Cheadle

Coming into her first year as a junior UCI Downhill World Cup racer, Holl is no stranger to racing. She already has several European Cup podiums under her belt and has honed her skills in the mountains of Austria.

Bienvenido Aguado

Photo by Ale Di Lullo

Aguado is a pioneer of the double front flip. What more is there to say?

Erik Irmisch

Shot by Ale Di Lullo

Irmisch is no stranger to the European Cup, and he has regularly helped YT with research and development. He has been with YT since the first Tues, and he isn’t leaving for 2018.

Richie Schley

Photo by AJ Allen

Schley was a Fro Rider and instrumental in the birth of freeride mountain biking. He’s in the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and still regularly rips in his hometown of Laguna, California. He will be helping YT establish its new U.S. headquarters and will be part of the U.S. Demo Tour for 2018.

The YT Mob

The YT Mob is arguably the most recognizable group of riders on the UCI Downhill World Cup circuit. Going into the 2018 season, that doesn’t look like it will be changing.

Aaron Gwin

Photo by Ale Di Lullo

Gwin has won UCI Downhill World Cup races 19 times. He’s taken the overall title five times, including the last two years. You probably know who he is.

Angel Suarez

Photo by Isac Paddock

Suarez has been an on-again, off-again racer due to injuries, but for 2018 he is healthy and ready to race every course on the World Cup circuit.

Neko Mulally

Photo by Ale Di Lullo

Mulally owns his own bike park in Tennessee. This means unimpeded practice on any technical trail he can dream up and create. So it makes sense that he is regularly a contender in the UCI races.