Hearing about a company with a campus usually conjures images of Silicone Valley, Google, Nike, Disney—not bike brands. Yeti Cycles wants to change that. Yeti and a local developer, the Neenan Company, have proposed plans to build an outdoor lifestyle campus in Jefferson County, Colorado, five minutes from downtown Golden, according to a press release issued by the Neenan Company.

The press release says that the proposed development would cover 25 acres of land, 9 of which Yeti would use for its new headquarters. Proposed is the operative word. The land needs to be rezoned before Yeti and the Neenan Company can break ground. At this time, the rezoning of the land has not been finalized, according to Janette Sherman, Yeti’s marketing manager. If the project moves forward, the Neenan Company will serve as the master developer and would develop the remaining 16 acres as potential space for other like-minded outdoor companies.

Yeti has been in business since 1985 and has been in Jefferson County for 19 years. In recent years Yeti has outgrown its current headquarters, the press release states. The proposed development would give the company plenty of space to move into and continue to grow, without relocating more than a few minutes down the road. And the new headquarters are right next to trails, a core requirement for the brand, says Sherman.