Beautiful Idiot

With slopestyle champion Brett Rheeder as the main character, “Beautiful Idiot” takes viewers on a ride through the mindset and motivations of those who feel driven to pursue greatness, how it can feel to fall short and the consequences of reaching a lofty goal when the struggle to get there has defined you for so long. We partnered with Grain films to release “Beautiful Idiot” on YouTube in August and, with 287,000 views, it was far and away our most watched film of 2018. And for very good reason. If you missed it, watch the full film here.

The Best Mountain Bikes Under $2,500

The most drool-worthy bikes are usually high-end carbon dream builds and have lofty price tags to match. Luckily, if you can live with giving up a bit of the bling-factor, there are some excellent bikes at excellent prices that will still hold up to many miles of hard trail use. Last fall we scoured the current offerings to update our list of the best mountain bikes under $2,500, and the post was once of our most viewed of all of 2018.

A Cause for Question

Reporter Devon O’Neil’s deeply researched feature story that examines the steps that led to IMBA’s financial struggles and its polarizing policy positions struck a chord with our readers—no surprise given everyone seems to have an opinion about mountain biking’s foremost advocacy group.

Best Hardtails Under $2,000

Today’s full-suspension bikes are more efficient and more affordable than ever. Still, hardtails continue to have a strong following, as evidenced by the performance of this piece on the best diamond-shaped shredders under $2,000.

First Ride 2019 Stumpjumpers

The venerable trail bike got a full overhaul in 2018, with three new purpose-built platforms. Love ’em or hate ’em, Specialized makes bikes that people seemingly want to read about.

First Ride: 2018 YT Capra 27.5 & 29

Consumer-direct bikes garnered a lot of clicks in 2018, and YT’s release of the new Capra was among the most anticipated from an online brand this year. Though they may be exceedingly difficult to actually buy due to limited availability, their incredible value for the money makes the Capra perpetually in hot demand. Watch our Roundtable Reel video on the YT Capra 29 CF Pro from our Bible Summer Camp at Mammoth Mountain HERE.

The New XTR

Our video review of Shimano’s new XTR group only hit YouTube on December 21, but quickly racked up nearly 40,000 views in a week’s time, as interest in the forthcoming 12-speed drivetrain hits fever pitch.

Tested: Trek Roscoe 8

At an extremely reasonable $1,250, with modern geometry and reliable parts, the new Trek Roscoe 8 hit a magical sweet spot for hardtails and people clearly wanted to read all about it.

Consumer-Direct Brands: The New Economy

Gear editor Travis Engel’s in-depth look at the implications to brick-and-mortar shops from the onslaught of consumer-direct brands into the North American mountain bike market was among our most-read gear pieces of the year.

First Ride: Ibis Ripmo

It’s already proven to be one of most popular 2019 Bible of Bike Tests Roundtable Reels videos, so it’s no surprise that Ryan Palmer’s first impressions of the Ibis Ripmo were read with equal fervor.

Review: Canyon Spectral al 6.0

Another widely anticipated bike from a German consumer-direct brand—this time the updated Canyon Spectral. Senior editor Ryan Palmer’s review includes his experience calling Canyon’s customer service department to see how they would handle a warranty issue.

Cbd Is Changing The Health Industry

CBD is everywhere now, and earlier this year, writer Kris Gross looked at how professional athletes are using it for a pain treatment as an alternative to opioids, especially after the World Anti-Doping Organization removed it from the banned substances list.

Palmer’s Peeves

Bike’s senior writer and a longtime mechanic, Ryan Palmer, has a lot to say about a lot of different things. And his words bring out the trolls in droves.