Win the Whistler Trip of a Lifetime

Contest ends at noon on Tuesday—so enter now!

By Vernon Felton
Photo by Sterling Lorence

News flash: here's what'll happen if you don't enter this contest right now: some douche bag will score a free trip to Whistler and that douche won't--sadly-- be you.

Don't let that happen. Go here--right now--and sign up to win this amazing contest, which ends at noon on July 31st.

No essays, blood samples or great achievements on your part are necessary. If you can type your name and email address into a couple of boxes, you have a good shot at winning the following:

• Free airfare and ground transportation to Whistler;
• Free lodging for three nights in Whistler;
• Free 2-day lift tickets at the Whistler bike park;
• A day of riding with Team Fox's Andrew Shandro;
• A $100 gift certificate for grub in the Whistler village; and
• Your own videographer, who'll capture your day on the dirt with Shandro.

In short, if you can successfully breath oxygen, you've got a hell of a shot at winning this thing.

So, at the risk of being redundant, go here, fill out a couple of blanks and win this thing.

We already mentioned the "Do it now" part, right?

Well then, get clicking.