Video Exclusive: Bas van Steenbergen Slays Wet, Greasy B.C. Trails

The Kelowna, B.C.-based ripper, better known for his DH-racing prowess, displays spotless execution

Think you ride fast on wet, greasy roots and leaves? We bet you wouldn't send it like Bas van Steenbergen does in this new Deity/Bike magazine collaboration, Island Air. While the Kelowna, British Columbia-based ripper is better known for his DH-racing prowess, when he's not competing he spends more time in the air than he does scrubbing—which helps explain his spotless execution, regardless of how nasty the conditions. Fact: He didn't crash once while filming this video. Island Air was shot exclusively on Vancouver Island, most notably on a freeride jump line painstakingly handcrafted by Mark Matthews.” —Brice Minnigh

Filmed & Edited by Rupert Walker