The United States Gets Heli Biking

The First U.S. Heli-Biking Operation Takes Flight At Tordrillo Mountain Lodge in Alaska

Photos Courtesy of Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is the first outfitter in the United States to offer heli biking, enabling mountain biking access via helicopter to millions of acres of pristine mountain terrain in the Tordrillo Mountain range of Alaska.

Heli biking routes begin from the flanks of Mt. Spurr volcano and wind down paths carved in cinder and pumice deposits from area volcanoes. Some bikers may choose to forge new paths, or follow gentle ridgelines to alpine lakes. Others can bike directly on a glacier, for a whole new snow biking experience. Riders can choose a descent or ascent of virtually any length or difficulty, making this experience perfect for anyone interested in mountain biking regardless of their level of skill or expertise.

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Tordrillo Mountain Lodge guides can take anyone who can ride a bike –from a child to a senior citizen – on a customized mountain bike adventure that offers expanses of wildflowers, wildlife sightings, glaciers and more, all without encountering any other bikers or having to load and unload bikes from chairlifts.

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge has a fleet of Fat Back fat tire bikes to fit almost anyone interested in heli biking, as well as top-of-the-line safety gear including helmets, pads and gloves.

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“Safety is our top priority at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, and heli-biking is no exception to that,” said Mike Overcast, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge’s co-owner. “As one of the premier heli-skiing destinations in the world, our pilots and guides have vast knowledge and expertise to make our helicopter-based activities fun and safe.”

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