Photos: Liam Doran

The first stage of the inaugural Trestle All-Mountain Enduro was a chainless downhill, where Mother Nature decided to make things interesting by throwing random downpours, cold winds and lightning in the mix. It was this stage that saw downhill racer Brian Buell take an early, and surprising, lead over Ross Schnell.

Over the next day, and three stages, Schnell and Buell duked it out in a heated battle, each getting taking stages through out the day. At the end of day two, Buell, much to the surprise of Schnell, was up by nearly 20 seconds.

That night, after a beer or few at the Red Bull party, Schnell commented on his placement, “Tomorrow’s the longest stage, and Brian is going to be going off in front of me. He’s got a big red X on his back.”

Sunday marked the fifth, final and longest stage of the event. And this is where Schnell made his move, almost closing the entire 30-second start-time gap, coming through the finish line right on Buell’s heels. The time difference was just enough for Schnell to take the event by mere seconds in the overall.

Men’s Top Three:
1. Ross Schnell
2. Brian Buell
3. Nathaniel Hills

Women’s Top Three:
1. Kelli Emmett
2.Rebecca Gardner
3. Alicia Jakomait