The land of the eternal spring. Where Pablo Escobar built his drug empire in the heart of Colombia. Oh wait, that’s Medellín not Madeira.

The land of wine and warm weather. Where a mountain bike empire is being built among the green volcanic landscape in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. There, that sounds better.

If Madeira sounds more appealing then Medellín, this one’s for you. A new event this June will take you through Madeira’s best mountain bike destinations over five days with all the logistics handled by Freeride Madeira. The Trans Madeira is a multi-stage enduro ‘adventure’ scheduled from June 5 to 9. Riders will cover more than 200 kilometers with 25 special stages across all four corners of the island. Rest assured, you will be in for some good riding. There was already an Enduro World Series in Madeira to confirm. The adventure is not exactly a ‘race’ – there are no transition times. But it is not exactly just a ride either, as there are cut-off times. At the end, an all-around enduro racer will be crowned and the top three fastest overall will take home a cash prize.

The event has one all-inclusive package available for 1,490€. At the current exchange rate, that comes out to $1,795. The package includes six nights of accommodations, five of which are in a provided tent, and one in a four star hotel. Three meals will be provided each day, transportation to and from the airport is covered, race insurance is included, your bags will be taken care of and you will get swag to take home. Freeride Madeira promises different terrain to ride each day, a free beer in the evening and a good time. The event is limited to 100 riders and registration is open until January 31 or until the spots are taken.

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