Cascadia is a bioregion of the Pacific Northwest that has a movement for independence behind it. The Utopian society would encompass British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. In other words, it would be home to some of the best mountain biking in the world. Who wouldn’t want to race across it? Well guess what, just because the country doesn’t exist doesn’t mean you can’t bike it.

That is exactly what the Trans-Cascadia does. Kind of. It doesn’t cover all of the proposed country, but it does a pretty good job of finding some damn good singletrack. Over three years, Trans-Cascadia has grown into a sought-after race on many mountain bikers’ bucket lists. And the race just announced its 2018 dates: Sept. 26 to Oct. 1.

The event is five days and all-inclusive. Ride your bike and someone else cooks you three meals, sets up your tent and provides everything else. All-inclusive. Plus, for 2018 you get SWAG. Stuff We All Get. ‘We all’ being the 100 racers who are lucky enough to score a spot at the race.

Registration will open on Feb. 1, 2018 at 9 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. For the three years it has been running the 100 spots have sold out, so if you are hankering for some PNW loam, be sure to sign up early.

If you do sign up, know that this is a race. This isn’t one of those ‘rides’ that have been gaining popularity. And this isn’t just any race. This is a blind race. So you race blind people. Not really. It means the day’s maps and course details won’t be announced until the night before so no one can practice. Racers can expect 100 miles over 16 stages. That includes going uphill.

Geoff Kabush on his way to winning the second Trans-Cascadia.

In order to create unique and new courses each year, the Trans-Cascadia team works to uncover forgotten or neglected sections of singletrack. To find new trail, Trans-Cascadia hosts work parties where people help with the effort. In 2018, there will be three work parties. The dates are July 12 to 15, July 26 to 29 and August 9 to 12. Accommodations and food are included.

For more information and to register visit the Trans-Cascadia website.