Trans-Cascadia 2017: Days Two and Three

Classic Pacific Northwest Conditions and Nearly 40 Miles of Riding Over Two Days

Day two was a long day that saw racers up at the crack of dawn – maybe a few rolled out of their tents a little later – and settling into their new basecamp at Belknap Hot Springs after dark. They awoke to dreary skies and were just about loaded on the shuttle buses before the first drops of rain fell.

Photo: Chris Hornbecker

The day featured 20 miles of riding over seven stages, with 6,649 feet of descending and 3,398 feet of climbing.

Day 3 Video Recap

Day three brought riders to a different part of the Willamette National Forest, with all five stages in the Old Cascade Crest Network. The trails were completely new to the event – and required a lot of pedaling. This year long project for the Trans-Cascadia crew allowed the race to add 17.8 miles with 3,667 feet of climbing and 5,079 feet of descending.

Photo: Dylan VanWeelden

Between the two days riders experienced true northwest weather, but by the end racers were smiling and ready for more.