In 2007, YT was started with 150 steel-frame dirt jumpers. They promptly sold out and founder and CEO Markus Flossmann realized he was onto something. He quit his day job and went all in on YT. Shortly after, Flossmann had convinced a few others to join the team and they released their first full-suspension bike, the Tues. Ten years later, the German company’s bikes are regularly on top of podiums with Aaron Gwin and Andreu Lacondeguy. YT has hopped the pond to the U.S. and it has expanded from dirt jumpers and DH bikes to having some of the most sought after enduro and trail bikes.

YT has been around for 10 years now, and to celebrate, it has redesigned its logo and added a new tagline — Live Uncaged. And it is bringing back the Young Talent message, which is what YT stands for. A new website promotes tapping into your Young Talent, and a series of videos featuring Aaron Gwin, Andreu Lacondeguy and Vali Holl show what is possible with that talent.

As for the bikes, outside of small component updates, not much has changed. Most notable would be the new cassette they’re using.

Remember that eleven-speed cassette from e*thirteen that had a bigger gear range than Eagle? The e*thirteen TRS+ Cassette has a range of 511 percent, made possible by a 9-tooth small cog and a 46-tooth large cog. It has turned some heads. To be specific, it turned YT’s head. The cassette will be found on the entire Jeffsy fleet going into 2018. And since there can never be enough pluses in mountain biking, YT is calling the cassette Eleven+.