Every now and then you come across a story of a company bucking the corporate, bottom-line-is-everything trend and find a little bit of reassurance that there are at least a few out there that understand the value in giving back to the community.  Recently, through our stumblings about in the Twitterverse we came across one of the projects undertaken through The North Face's Explore Fund, which gives grants to non-profits whose goals are to help inspire youth to embrace the outdoors.

The Community Bicycle Center received a grant through the Explore Fund's Summer grant cycle.  Using cycling, the CBC targets at-risk kids and aims to break down barriers in getting kids to explore the outdoors.  This past summer the CBC  showed 355 kids, some as young as 7, the joys of riding both on and off-road.  Collectively, the kids rode 8,200 miles and learned some wrenching basics as well.

The Fall/Winter grant cycle is now accepting applicants, with an October 5th deadline. Decisions will be made by November 7th.

The CBC pairs at-risk children with volunteer mentors…and bikes.

“The ripple effect extends beyond the child. Brothers and sisters are repairing bikes for younger siblings, sons and daughters are surprising their parents with refurbished bicycles from our donated stock for family bike rides, and shop participants are overhauling bicycles for others in-need of two wheeled transportation. Kids are choosing positive behaviors and role modeling healthy lifestyles to other community members, teachers, parents, and neighbors.” – The North Face