Team Sad Sacks – BC Bike Race Stage 4: A Real Ballbuster

Photos of the most challenging day of the race

Words by Brice Minnigh, Photos by Morgan Meredith

While there was more climbing today than ever, there was still no shortage of sweet descents.

While much of the United States spent Wednesday drinking beer and barbecuing in honor of Independence Day, Bike magazine's own Team Sad Sacks celebrated July 4 by grinding their way through the most physically taxing stage of the BC Bike Race.

What can we say? It was a tough day. We rode hard. We satisfied ourselves by cleaning some difficult terrain. And we finished faster than we started—which is always a good sign.

Enough words. We're going to let these photos tell the day's story.

The view from our home away from home, the Team Sad Sacks tent—at 5.45 am.

Some racers took a water taxi to the start of the stage, in Earl's Cove. A few lucky punters got to take a float plane.

Team Sad Sacks' Morgan Meredith, who also serves as Bike magazine's publisher in his spare time, prepares for the race's most challenging stage.

The other half of Team Sad Sacks, managing editor Brice Minnigh, concedes that a hearty swig of good scotch is the only way to start a huge day of climbing.

Beautiful British Columbia, as seen from a float plane by a couple of VIPs.

6) There were some devoted people in the lineup today. This racer shows his devotion to Julien Absalon is permanent.

Both natural and artificial energy is welcome at the aid stations.

A sight for sore legs: The tents always welcome us after a long day's ride.

And while the weary riders sleep, the race mechanics start their day's work.