Team Sad Sacks – BC Bike Race Stage 7: The Final Showdown

Show Up Late and Dominate

Words by Brice Minnigh, Photos by Morgan Meredith

The 2012 BC Bike Race launched its final salvo today in the mountain tourist village of Whistler, with a battle-weary field of riders hanging on to finish the final stage—a fast-paced, 26-kilometer rip around the Whistler Bike Park and adjoining Lost Lake trails.

The stage started with a steep fireroad climb into the bike park, followed by a mellow ascent of one of the well-manicured downhill runs. Upon reaching the mid-mountain point, the course nosedived into the popular beginner jump trail Crank It Up—and taking many of the racers by surprise. The road or XC-oriented riders were completely discombobulated, seemingly at a loss for how to ride this type of trail. As a result, the descent felt decidedly sketchy, leaving both members of Team Sad Sacks wondering if the shaky rider in front of them was going to dead-soldier their way off one of the jumps.

Thankfully emerging from the near-descent of doom intact, @morga_deth and @BriceMag decided to spend the remainder of the afternoon picking off one racer after another during the second half of the race—which ran through a well-known circuit of the Lost Lake trails. With almost the entire course requiring some basic modicum of bike-handling skill, the roadies were left in the dust as the real mountain bikers in the field decided to get their shreds on. It was gratifying to see how even slightly technical terrain can separate the wheat from the chaff.

The finish line was a scene of considerable emotion, with racers high-fiving, laughing and even crying in both elation and relief as the finisher belt buckles were lowered over their heads.

Here's a little window on some of the day's events:

Styles for miles—some racers decided to send this year's BC Bike Race off in style…or something.

The BC Bike Race eats bikes. And beer cans temporarily come to the rescue.

In a real pinch, tubes can also come in handy.

We spotted a BC hybrid—with wide 'man bars' to meet the demands of BC burl, yet a longish stem to keep the rider low and mean.

Riding an XC rig up the bike-park trails—and past the gondola—was a strange sensation.

Team Sad Sacks might have finished the BC Bike Race, but they still failed their IQ tests.

There were hugs and belt buckles for all the finishers.

Sometimes racer relations just means hugs for people who have done their best—Danielle Baker understands this simple truth.

There were dozens of South Americans in the race—and they didn't hesitate to show national and club pride.

This Calgary-based duo dominated in the women's division. And if enough people see how good these belt buckles look over spandex, it is destined to become a trend.

No, this is not Guns N' Roses. It's G-40—one-half of a team from Colombia who reside in Miami. We knew we might not be able to rail their lines.

The everyman mantra: Show up late and dominate.