Sun Valley Remedy Contest Winners Announced

The finalists have been weeded down to two lucky winners.

We’ve already keyed folks in on the Grade A singletrack Sun Valley has to offer, and we’ve also enlisted your help to assist Chopper with choosing the winners of Visit Sun Valley’s Singletrack Deficit Disorder Remedy Contest. And now, drumroll please, the winners:

Here’s Zac and Dicky’s winning entry:

When consulted about the selection process and how the final selection was made, Greg 'Chopper' Randolph, the longtime Bike magazine advice columnist offered this:

“STDD is the worst thing a mountain biker can imagine. The whole Sun Valley Remedy contest was necessary to get the mountain-bike world to open up and get some real discourse started about Single Track Deficit Disorder. I mean ignoring it is not going to make it go away. Recognizing STDD is the first step to finding a cure.

And, let’s face the reality and accept it for what it is: For a passionate mountain biker there is never enough single track. Except for maybe one place: Sun Valley.

Which is why we felt we were the people who ought to start the conversation and embark on a journey to find the Remedy. We had an amazing outpouring of support. An avalanche of testimonials poured in. This disorder is larger than we realize. The sheer number of sufferers who were all in their own way desperate for more trails, more action, more excitement, more beer was eye opening.

The judging process was strenuous. We changed our minds more than a roadie changes his white socks. We counted tweets, posts, comments, self-promotion, promotion by friends and colleagues, blog posts, acts of stupidity, acts of valor, the depths of compassion and the receptivity for a massive injection of stoke. We wanted to find those people who would blow their minds out here and come back home raving lunatics crowing like roosters and telling everyone how the Sun Valley Remedy had changed their lives.

Ultimately our winners, Zac and Dicky just stank so bad of mountain biking that they emerged from the finalists victorious. Their video was not the best I will admit (and it would probably be good for them to never make another), but their spirit and humor are infectious. Their desire to be
cured unquestionable. In short their marks for execution were not the highest but they made up for it in the interpretive and crowd participation elements of their routine. This is a real mountain biker’s town and these are real mountain bikers.

These guys are going to wear a hole in their chamois getting after the 400-plus miles of singletrack we have here. That is all we can hope for. Curing STDD starts with the first victim--and we have found two. They might need a lobotomy as well, but this is a start.”