Silver Star Bike Park Expansion Totals Quarter of a Million Dollars

25 kilometers of new XC trails added this year, bringing the total trail network to 100 kilometers

Silver Mountain provides over 50 kilometers of DH terrain. Photo: J Pics

The Silver Star Bike Park  offers  50 kilometers of DH terrain. Photo: J Pics

Silver Star Mountain Resort, located in Vernon, British Columbia, announced today that it is adding 25 kilometers of new XC trails this year and more will be added in 2015. The Silver Star Bike Park expansion will total $250,000 and will provide riders of all abilities more trail options.

Silver Star began its expansion this spring (2013) to introduce a new XC, all-mountain riding component to the resort. The 25 kilometers of new XC trails are being added to the park's existing 75 km of combined trails to offer a 100 km of total trails this year: 50 kilometers of downhill and 50 kilometers cross country by the end of summer.

"Last season we saw rider visits increase by 8 percent and when riders become aware of the expanded trails, it will solidify Silver Star's reputation as one of the best bike parks in Canada,” said Ian Galbraith, summer business manager at Silver Star Galbraith. “The expansion will play a big part in increasing rider visits this summer and while we are a long way from matching skier visits we are building a healthy summer business and increasing the resort's four season appeal."

Silver Star has expanded its downhill trail network to provide riders with the option of riding a new intermediate trail from the summit to the mountain base. Jedi Mind Trick, a blue trail that runs from the base of the mountain to half-way up is being extended to the summit and the double black diamond trail Pro-Star - Walk the Line, that runs from the summit to half way down the mountain will be extended to the bottom. The trail network that will link existing trails with new trails are currently in their final stages of construction.

Silver Star's bike park currently consists of over 50 kilometers of downhill trails ranging from green (easy) to double black (expert only) that challenge both beginners and advanced riders. It has 18 downhill mountain bike trails: three double black diamond, five black diamond, six blue, three green, a vault skills area, five multi-use trails and seven XC bike trails.

Downhill season passes are available for $389 for adults. For an additional $20 riders can chose a XC add on, which allows access to the resorts' expanded XC trail network for 2014. Season passes can be purchased online at

Silver Star bike park season pass holder privileges now include three free days of riding at Tresle Bike Park in Colorado. It is the first year the bike parks' have introduced a reciprocal program for riders. Tresle Bike Park has over 60 kilometers of downhill and XC to tour.

Silver Star is currently being evaluated by the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) for a rare designation to classify its bike park as an IMBA Bike Center. Silver Star's bike park will become the second in Canada after Burns Lake, British Columbia, to be granted IMBA Bike Center status. The resort is being evaluated for five different criteria: trail experience, services, community involvement, tourism and marketing.

MTB Parks recently announced its Rider's Choice Awards and Silver Star's bike park was named second best in Western Canada. World Bike Parks also named Super Star, one of Silver Star's blue trails, to its Top Ten list for bike park trails in North America.