Second Impressions: Bontrager RXL Shoes

Things get heated when Bontrager marketing manager, Michael Browne sends you a toaster oven.

By Kevin Rouse

A week or so after I published my initial thoughts on Bontrager’s new RXL MTB Shoes, a suspicious package showed up on my desk. Unmarked and and unsolicited, I was a bit wary to open it, knowing a few of my old college pals’ proclivities towards obscene practical jokes.

Curiosity eventually got the better of me though, and upon opening the package, I was treated to a little note from none other than Bontrager marketing director Michael Browne.

Phew, it’s just a toaster oven. Workplace embarrassment averted. Kind of.

Already on planning on molding the insoles, I must say the toaster oven was a nice incentive nonetheless. A Black and Decker Toast-R-Oven, Bontrager obviously knows their home appliances. A curved interior easily fits a medium-size pizza and the removeable crumb tray is an especially nice touch. Oh, and it also works pretty well for heating up insoles.

Real men read the instructions…?

The moldable inserts separate from the footbed chassis. Don’t make the mistake of putting the whole footbed in the toaster oven.

Celsius labeling is Canadian-friendly.

A handy heat-sensitive label lets you know exactly when your insoles are ready to come out of the oven.

About 2 minutes in the oven is all it takes, so plan your food choice accordingly. A defrosted hash brown at room temp is just about the perfect match…or I suppose a piece of toast would work too.

Happy Feet.