Sea Otter 2012: Style and Substance

Jumps, jams and the next generation.

Photos by Dave Reddick and Anthony Smith
Words by Brice Minnigh

Race day—The Sea Otter rests his weary legs on the way to the children's' race.

Is this cat 1 or 2…anyone?

Sun's out, guns out. Beating the heat and the rest of the field.

Dump 'em out.

Martin Söderström with a stylish 360 tuck no-hander at the dirt jump jam.

"Hey Bender, put up or shut up!"

Nothing marks the spot like an X-backflip.

A 48-inch bunny hop is no big deal for Martin Söderström.

Even in the speed section, Tyler McCaul shows the signature family style.

Great minds think alike—especially when it comes to whipping the competition.

The Sea Otter strokes the coveted carbon beam of the Sh*tbike, which made a phantom appearance at this year's event.