Source: Scandinavian Photo Challenge

Photo: Mattias Fredriksson

Scandinavian Photo Challenge by Nikon returns for its second edition during the annual Bike Festival, in, Sweden, July 2-10.

Four photographers have been invited to compete alongside photographer Mattias Fredriksson at the second edition of the Scandinavian Photo Challenge.

The mission for the competition is simple: The photography teams–consisting of one photographer and four riders–each gets three days to shoot and two days to edit photos and create a slideshow (this event was inspired by the Deep Summer photography competition at Crankworx). The slideshow will presented Friday, July 8, during a party at the Holiday Club Arena, and judged by a jury of media professionals.

To further spice things up this year, the teams will have to look outside the bike park to include all-mountain and cross-country riding in their slideshows to complement the freeride imagery.

The 2011 roster is made up by five highly talented bike photographers from all over the world. Each with a different style and approach to bike photography:

Markus Greber, Germany -
Camilla Stoddart, UK/New Zealand -
Kristoffer Kippernes, Norway -
Grant Robinson, Canada/UK -
Mattias Fredriksson, Sweden -

Riders highlights include: Martin Söderström, Darcy Turenne, Linus Sjöholm, John Alm Högman, Rob Jauch, Holger Meyer, Richard Cunynghame, Hannah Barnes and Henrik Kippernes, to name a few.

Look out for these amazing slideshows online after July 8. For more info on the event and the Bike Festival, check out