Royal Racing Signs Youth Rider: Jackson Goldstone

Goldstone will be 'the face' of the Royal Racing's new youth range.

Source: Royal Racing

Royal Racing would like to welcome Jackson Goldstone to the Royal Racing crew. Goldstone will be ‘the face’ of the company’s new youth range. Goldstone lives and breathes mountain biking and hails from Squamish, BC just down the road from Royal's North American. Goldstone is already gaining great respect for his riding abilitits. At just 8 years old, he’s already pulling back flips. Goldstone is always ready to ride: Whether it's in the skate park, DH, BMX or trail, he's always got a smile on his face and just loves being on two wheels. Royal creative director Tav Capewell comments “We knew instantly that Jackson would be the perfect fit for Royal. We put great emphasis on supporting up and coming talent and nurturing them through to elite World Cup/Freeride status, we have no doubt that Jackson (Goldstone) has the talent to go all the way.”

Goldstone's father, Ron Goldstone, commented as well, "Having spent some time with Tav, Garett and the rest of the Royal crew, we’re really confident that the Royal family is a good fit for us. At this stage in his life, Jackson needs to be around casual and supportive people and from everything we’ve seen with Royal, I’m sure that we are in good hands. Jackson reminds us what pure joy and excitement biking brings. I'm sure Royal feels the same way, If Jackson decides that racing, freeride or big mountain riding is his calling, Royal has got us covered. The new 2013 youth kit Jackson is riding in has been super. He wants to wear it all day. It’s great to see companies designing for the little guys with the same detail and materials as found in the grown-ups gear"