In conjunction with The Beast Of the East Pro GRT event, Killington debuted their new Ramshead lift on July 28. The Ramshead is the third lift for the Killington Bike Park, a destination lift-serve area in the Northeast. With the addition of Ramshead to the existing lifts—Snowshed and K-1 Express—Killington has rounded out its trail offerings. “It’s more of our intermediate zone, Snowshed is kind of our green and intermediate riding and then top of the mountain off the gondola is your old-school more aggresive downhill riding, so Ramshead adds more flow to the zone,” says Jay Rosenbaum, terrain park supervisor.

Riders Adam Morse and Evan Booth prepare to load onto Killington’s new Ramshead lift.

Morse and Booth are all smiles at the top of Ramshead.

Dylan Conte finds air time on the Black Magic jump line. “We have one trail called Sideshow Bob, which is an intermediate blue square flow trail, and then we have a black diamond jump trail and a double diamond downhill race course,” says Rosenbaum.

Conte, Ella Skalwold and Jordan Newth don’t hold back on the downhill.

Since the opening of the Ramshead, much of Killington’s summer resources have been going towards the Ramshead area. Skalwold takes advantage of the time Killington has put into the trails.

“We are currently building two new trails there, which will be done by the second or third weekend of September,” Rosenbaum explains. Here, Newth pumps down Ramshead.

Conte finds features everywhere he looks. “The development of more bike park/ jump style riding began with relatively beginner terrain a few seasons ago. The Ramshead area represents a step up to an advanced bike park,” says photographer Brooks Curran.

Skalwold leans in on Black Magic, the longest advanced jump-line in the East.

Morse and Booth finish a run on Black Magic and prepare for round two.

Booth dips and dives through towering berms in the Ramshead area.

Conte whips his way to the finish of Black Magic. “Our long-term goal is to do more infilling of trails of the three existing lifts that we run,” says Rosenbaum.

More than just a bike park, Killington is a full year-round resort with drinks, food and games for your post-ride rituals.

Winding down after a long day riding Ramshead.