Push’s Elevensix shock has been on the market for a while now. During its tenure, it’s gained a cult-like following. Made entirely in the U.S. and tuned specifically for each rider, the coil shock offers advantages to consumers looking to upgrade suspension performance. And it looks cool, which is an added bonus. But, it’s big. Big enough that it doesn’t fit in frames that’d do well to have it. For example: the Trek Slash or Nomad 4. Well, the new SS version fixes this problem.

SS stands for sidestack, meaning the external reservoir has been moved to an offset position. Push claims despite the new positioning, all adjustments remain easily accessible. Other than the physical differences, the Elevensix is the same shock many people know and love.

If you are already an Elevensix owner but want the offset piggyback, modification to the original shock can be made during a factory rebuild.

Learn more about Push and the Elevensix SS here.