Proof of Life: Can You Top the Sh*tbike?

A first-week winner and a few blasts from the past

Here's to the beloved Sh*tbike, our world-famous ambassador of sideways enthusiasm.

A Sh*tbike always hangs out with nice people. Photo: Anthony Smith

A Sh*tbike has a huge fan club. Photo: Anthony Smith

A Sh*tbike always stays in the finest hotels. Photo: Anthony Smith

A Sh*tbike is always kitted out with the finest of gear. Photo: Anthony Smith

A Sh*tbike never gives up. Photo: Morgan Meredith

While yours most certainly lacks the A-list celebrity status owned by our intrepid Bikemag beamed blunder, we know you've got one--a pile of crap, a relic of a bygone era, that humble bike that got you to class mostly on time, a daily driver that's on its last legs, or even the two-month-old beauty that you've ridden hard but put away wet, muddy and/or broken. We want to see it. We want to see proof that you ride. And don’t worry, the Sh*tbike has officially retired from competition of any kind--so you stand a real chance of winning.

It's easy: Click right here, go to our Proof of Life contest page and show us what you've got for the weekly chance to win a pair of Teva Links Mid shoes. In August, one lucky winner will be awarded the grand prize of an autographed Jeff Lenosky frame and Teva prize pack.

We have the first week's winner Teva’s ‘Proof of Life Photo’ Contest. Congratulations, Marques Loya.