Dropper posts are here to stay, there’s no doubt about that, but by no means are they perfect yet. Paul Components developed its new Dropper Trigger to address at least one end of the system, hoping to hone things in further. Made out of American 6061 aluminum, the Dropper Trigger is a precision-machined touchpoint made to feel as nice as it performs.

Available in four flavors.

The lever itself rotates around two cartridge bearings for smooth action, which also extend the service life and eliminate slop at the pivot. The pieces of aluminum that make up the lever are machined to a tolerance of 0.0005 inches at Paul’s facility in Chico, California—that’s pretty precise. The Dropper Trigger can be used with either end of a cable, so it will work with any cable-actuated dropper—there’s a recess for a cable head, and a small pinch-bolt if things are the other way around.

No direct-mount options, but plenty of adjustability.

While the lever will fit most any bar without removing grips due to its split-clamp design, Paul opted to go without direct-mount options in favor of the slim clamp that allows a greater degree of adjustment. Even with a fixed clamp, the Dropper Trigger weighs a scant 40 grams.

Available now, the Dropper Trigger comes in black, silver, purple for $86 or $92 polished. Visit paulcomp.com for more details.