The Boxcar stem from Paul Components isn’t new—in fact, it’s been around for a number of years. However, Paul Components isn’t one to let sleeping dogs lie, and they periodically¬†roll out updates in tune with industry trends and “standards.” This winter, they released a shorter version of the Boxcar, 35 millimeters, but the Boxcar remained only available in the 31.8-millimeter clamp diameter. However, every time Paul posted a picture of the Boxcar on Instagram, someone would comment on the lack of a 35-millimeter option. Eventually, Paul conceded that the larger clamp diameter was probably here to stay, and went ahead to create a 35-millimeter version of the Boxcar.

Heavy machining keeps the weight down on the Boxcar, but the use of 2024 aluminum ensures strength. If you missed it on the photo above, the Boxcar uses T25 bolts instead of hex-heads.

As with the original Boxcar, the new, bigger version is made from 2024 aluminum, which is often used in aerospace applications like wing and fuselage structures due to its high strength and fatigue resistance. However, 2024 is more expensive than 6061 or 7075 and reflects in the final price of the stem, but Paul thinks 2024 is the right material for the job. Even after liberally machining away excess material away from the Boxcar and putting the stem through 1 million cycles of an above-normal-use stress test, Paul says the Boxcar has not experienced any failures. The final weight of the stem is between 118 and 203 grams, depending on length. That’s probably as much, or even less than, the weight of your smartphone.

The new 35-millimeter Boxcar, dubbed the 35×35, will only be available in a 35-millimeter length for now, but a longer 50-millimeter option will be available soon. You can choose between anodized black, silver, a high-polish or purple.

For more information or to pick one up yourself, visit Paul Components here.