Stem technology hasn’t changed much in recent years. They clamp to your steerer and hold your handlebar—straightforward stuff. As time has lengthened, they have shortened. This is a good thing. Handling is faster, bikes become longer and making sure your stem is perfectly straight is near impossible. Well, maybe that last one isn’t so great, but it’s a worthwhile tradeoff. After listening to its customers, Paul Component Engineering decided to take its popular Boxcar stem and shave it down to a mere 35 millimeters with no rise.

The anodized version of the stem will retail for $123, while the polished (pictured) will go for $135.

Machined in Chico, California, Paul wanted the Boxcar to be stiff, strong and lightweight. So after several designs and 1 million cycles of stress, the final product is ready to be launched. It’s made with American 2024 alloy and uses T25 Torx-type screws for a final weight of 118 grams. It comes in anodized black or silver, polished, or the current limited edition color. Right now that’s blue.

Paul Component Engineering