Outerbike Recap

Source: Outerbike

Moab, Utah – At dawn on Saturday Oct 8th the weather was cold and rainy. Outerbike organizers expected a slow start to the day's activities. But before 7am a line had started to form, and when the Outerbike Demo Site opened at 9am Outerbike participants sprinted, that's right, hundreds of them ran to the bike exhibitor of their choice. "Wow. We knew these folks were passionate dedicated cyclists from all over the country, but we had no idea it would be a Le Mans start!" says Ashley Korenblat, CEO of Western Spirit Cycling, the promoter of the event.

Outerbike's 800 participants paid $150 for three days of bike demos, shuttles, lunch, beer, movies, parties, and t-shirts. They came from 41 states and 7 Canadian provinces, and all were serious cyclists ready to make the most important decision of the season: what bike to buy for 2012. Over 200 participants came early and did guided rides and clinics with Outerbike guides on the Wednesday and Thursday prior to the demo event.

"While the riding rocked, the food was great, the beer was cold and the shuttles ran smoothly, we will be making some changes for next year to scale up the event. We want to make sure that everyone gets to test more bikes. Many of the exhibitors have already committed more bikes, and we plan to create some better systems for reservations and time limits. Plus, we want to include some organized road rides to encourage more riders to take a spin on Moab's world class bike path," says Korenblat.

Heard around the venue in accents from Nashville to New Jersey: "Best bike event ever!" "I feel like I just road into my favorite screen saver." "Too many smiles per hour! My cheeks hurt. This is so much fun!" "We will be back next year with our whole riding posse." "I loved all the new Moab trails: especially the Mag 7 and Deadman's Ridge." "I have been driving this demo truck for five years and I have never seen anything like this."

Carla Hukee, Brand Manager for Niner Bikes said, "Outerbike exceeded our expectations – we had hundreds of stoked riders from around the world out on our bikes over three days. Western Spirit’s exceptional organization kept everyone well fed, hydrated and supplied with swag and beer – you really couldn’t ask for more. We will definitely be back next year, with more bikes and an even bigger party. This event is what mountain biking is all about!"

Ibis’ Scot Nicol said Outerbike has been the best consumer demo event that the company has attended over the last two years. “The quality, knowledge and enthusiasm of the people riding the bikes, the trails at the event, the trails on the shuttled rides, the food provided, the quality of the other vendors in attendance and Outerbike’s entertaining staff all combine to make the event what it is,” Nicol said. “Ibis will be back next year, and we hope to have twice as many bikes."