Podcast by Tristan Merrick/Photos by Sven Martin



First off, a quick apology for the delay on posting this episode of Off Track. Interbike, with its late nights and utterly crap-quality hotel internet connections, has a way of wreaking havoc with our normal posting routine. Thus, today we are posting the podcast from Hafjell, recognizing that, yeah, yeah, you probably just heard about the final round of racing in Leogang.

So, sorry about the delay. Now, having made that apology, we’re going to suggest that you still click that arrow above because this is simply a kick-ass broadcast from what was one of the best races of the season. Some of the best racers were knocked about like rag dolls in the Norwegian woods of Hafjell. This is the very race that changed the course of the season for a certain Canadian and one very bummed Brit. In short, this is a podcast worth tuning in to.


Today, host Tristan Merrick, is joined by photographer, Sven Martin, and Norco-sponsored racer, Bryn Atkinson.

So, sit back, listen in and enjoy the best race coverage on the planet.

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