You’re Invited to Sombrio’s Pump Track Jam in San Francisco

Wheels for Life Pumptrack Jam goes off on Saturday November 3rd

Words by Chad Hendren
Photos by Danielle Baker

Sombrio is teaming up with Bike Magazine, Boombotix and Ride SFO to bring their pumptrack to San Francisco this Saturday, November 3. Everyone is invited to join the party. The pumptrack will be set up from 3pm to 7pm in Lot C of the AT&T Park (1144 3rd Street). The event is free for all to attend with demo bikes, helmets and pads available for use.

The pumptrack set up at the Tara Llanes Classic.

The Sombrio Pumptrack has been travelling around Canada and the US for the last two months and has been set up at events including Cranworx, InterBike, The Tara Llanes Classic, and Outerbike. Everywhere it goes the track inspires an audience of riders to try it for the first time, to ride it faster or to double the whoops (evenly spaced rollers).

One of our youngest riders tries out the track on his run bike, with a little assistance.

Pumptracks instill skills that transfer to the trails, they teach you how to pump the terrain to gain speed, improve your cornering, maintain momentum and most importantly how to have fun on your bike!

Jill Kintner wins the ladies' fastest time of the day at the Tara Llanes Classic. See, everyone--groms and pros alike--can dig the pump track. Come on out to San Francisco this Saturday and give it a go yourself.

Sombrio is an authentic Freeride mountain bike apparel company based in North Vancouver, they believe that the basic bicycle is the catalyst to a better world. More information on Sombrio can be found at