Representing one of the largest reinvestments in North American professional mountain-biking in recent years, co-sponsors Sho-AIR and Cannondale announced the formation of the new Sho-Air/Cannondale race team on Thursday in Southern California.

The Lineup. “World, Meet Sho-Air/Cannonadale. Sho-Air/Cannondale, Meet the World…”

Billed as the North American arm of Cannondale's global mountain bike race category, Sho-Air Cannondale will represent Cannondale's factory race efforts in North America, while assisting the Cannondale Factory Team in their North American World Cup appearances.

The team, consisiting of professional riders Max Plaxton, Pua Mata, Alex Grant, Jeremiah Bishop and Tinker Juarez,
was introduced to media on the trails of Orange County's Irvine Regional Park, where they were given a chance to show just why it is they get paid to ride their bikes.

“We weren’t going that fast, they [the media hacks] should be coming up over there soon—hopefully.”

Cannondale Global General Manager, Bob Burbank was on hand to introduce the team to the world—as well as shred some trails. 

"Sho-Air/Cannondale is a North American-based squad of riders that have a championed history in mountain biking,” Burbank explained. And with riders like Tinker Juarez and Jeremiah Bishop, there’s no question that team has a large foundation of experience, as well as a number of key players who have helped shape the history of the sport.

The team’s first competitive appearance will be in March at next year’s Pro XCT opener, the Mellow Johnny’s Classic.

The Lineup
Representing one of the finest assemblages of legs on the North American circuit, the 2013 Sho-Air Cannondale squad will be packing some serious firepower at top-tier events across North America.

Jeremiah Bishop
Well known for his team-leading performances on the U.S. National Team, in recent years, Bishop has emerged as the country’s leading endurance mountain bike racer. Look for some top placings from Bishop in 2013 at some of the premier North American stage races—his format of choice.

Max Plaxton
Making the move from Specialized to Sho-Air Cannondale, Max Plaxton brings with him a bronze medal from the 2006 UCI U-23 World Championships as well as five national championship titles.

Alex Grant
Sponsored by Cannondale Factory Racing in 2012, Grant racked up an impressive string of results, including first at the Gunnison Growler, and an impressive 2nd place finish at La Ruta de los Conquistadores.

Tinker Juarez
Never ceasing to amaze, Tinker Jaurez will be adding another year of racing to his already impressive 35-year racing resume. “I’m still having fun and doing what I love to do,” he says. “Why would I want to stop?” With logic like that, who can blame him?

Pua Mata
Riding professionally since 2005, last year Mata took first overall at the La Ruta de los Conquistadores stage race—a result that saw her finish in the top-20 overall, against men and women. Look for more solid performances from Mata in the signature endurance events of 2013 in the new Sho-Air/Cannondale colors.