Santa Cruz Refines Tallboy 29er

Santa Cruz Tallboy2 gets lighter, stiffer. Small-size now offered for the vertically-challenged

From cottage industry to bear-like business, Santa Cruz keep producing.

The Tallboy was one of Santa Cruz Bicycles’ most successful bikes of all time. For a while it outsold every bike in the range, and by quite a considerable margin. Well, rather than let it get old in the tooth, Santa Cruz has made some changes to the Tallboy, integrating things they have learned from engineering more recent models and keeping the Tallboy sharp and relevant.

“We wanted to improve and reinvigorate the Tallboy, not redesign it for the sake of redesigning it. Since we released the original Tallboy we have learned more techniques in production and wanted to add them to newer models. It’s about years of refinement. We learn more so we add these things to existing bikes in our range rather than make up new acronyms. We just improve our bikes.” – Joe Graney, Santa Cruz head of engineering.

To insert a bit of sales-speak in the narrative, this is what Santa Cruz’s marketing department had to say on the subject. “The geometry of Tallboy2 remains true to the original. However, we’ve fine-tuned the shock rate, improved pedaling efficiency, increased stiffness and reduced weight… .”

A new spot for the top pivot means now the Tallboy comes in size small. Aluminum version show.

One of the main changes is that now the Tallboy comes in a size small. In the past Santa Cruz didn’t produce the Tallboy in this size, but by lowering the top pivot point they can accommodate more compact riders.

The aluminum version is now 150 grams lighter than the previous model.

The aluminum version is now 150 grams lighter than previous models, making it an affordable and smart option for riders who want to get in on the Tallboy party.

We took the carbon Tallboy up the back-alley to check its pulse.

The carbon Tallboy also gets a bit of spit and polish.

Now the Tallboy gets a direct mount front derailleur and a beefier BB junction.

Bolt-thru rear end across a lot of the Santa Cruz models now.

Big wheeled fun-seeking green machine – the Santa Cruz TallboyAL

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Santa Cruz Tallboy 2 from Santa Cruz bikes on Vimeo.