RockShox Rolls Out Affordable Gold

RockShox debuts budget-friendly 30 Gold fork with models that fit every wheel size

By Vernon Felton

RockShox recently unveiled a new, wallet-friendly suspension fork, the 30 Gold, which replaces their earlier Recon Silver and weighs 230 grams less than its Recon predecessor. That, for us Americans, is almost a half pound savings.

Price? RockShox says the fork has a base price of $330. Affordable, indeed.

Total weight? 3.66 pounds for the version designed to work with 26-inch wheels.

Speaking of wheel size, RockShox also touts the fact that the 30 Gold will be available in versions that play nice with every popular wheel size (26, 27.5 and 29-inches).

The 30 Gold sports 30-millimeter stanchions, magnesium lowers and straight-wall aluminum stanchions. Travel? The 26er version can be run at either 80 or 100 millimeters of travel. The 27.5 (650B) and 29er versions up the travel to 100/120 millimeters. All 30 Gold forks utilize the simplified Solo Air spring.

The Gold is equipped with both a rebound damping adjuster and their TurnKey lock-out lever (the latter of which can be paired with RockShox’s PopLoc handlebar remote). Set the sag correctly, make sure the fork isn’t topping out on the rebound stroke, and you’re off to the races.

Folks looking for a super-stout fork will probably be underwhelmed by the skinny stanchions and the lack of a through axle, but as an affordable, short-travel fork, the 30 Gold appears promising. This much is clear, at $330, the 30 Gold is a fairly unique proposition.