Red Bull Reboots Rampage Coverage

Event creates more interactive experience for viewers with live voting, live chat and enhanced web features

Red Bull Rampage always looks good—from a distance. That is, admittedly, a strange thing to say about an event that is mindblowing in person…but then again, how many people actually see Rampage in person? About a thousand per year. Or to put it another way, not a whole lot.

Well, this year Red Bull is pulling out the stops in an attempt to make the average person watching Rampage from home (or work) feel like they're closer to it all. "Enhanced" is the adjective being used to describe the viewing experience for 2013 and that's actually pretty accurate.

Here's what's on the plate for 2013:

Now the hundreds of thousands of fans around the world who tune into the live webcast (1 p.m. MT, October 13th, 2013) can feel like they are in the heart of the action.

Maybe it has nothing to do with the "Norbs got robbed" phenomenon…maybe it does. Either way, Red Bull is instituting live voting and a prize given for Red Bull Bike People's Choice immediately after the event. In short, you can have your say on who you think should be considered the winner. Cool.

Red Bull says that this year's "enhanced on-screen experience" will also allow for chat where fans can comment and discuss which runs (or crashes) were best.

Okay, we really don't know what Red Bull has up their sleeve here, so we'll just quote the vague, yet very optimistic press info. Ahem… "Red Bull in partnership with Microsoft's Internet Explorer will be showcasing a new immersive and interactive web experience that will bring Rampage to life online like never before, so be sure to check the site for more details as the event gets closer." Sounds good to us even if we're not entirely sure what the hell they're talking about. Red Bull has a way of pulling out all the stops for their events, so the odds are good that they'll yank something kick ass out of their bag of tricks.

In short, 2013 looks like it's going to be a good year to be a Rampage spectator, even if all your spectating is done on the couch. So tune in, it’ll be good.