By Vernon Felton

Race Face will soon offer 35-millimeter diameter bars and stems across several of their lines. SixC, Next, Atlas and Turbine bars and stems will soon be available in the extra-wide diameter that Easton popularized with their Havoc 35 bars and stems.

From 26 to 31.8 to....35. It's amazing what a few millimeters will do for you.

It’s too early yet to have price and spec information on the new Race Face components, but since the 35-millimeter standard will be shared across several models, you can expect prices to range from downright affordable to save-your-pennies-pricey. As fans of anything that enhances steering precision, we’re stoked to see other manufacturers jumping on board with 35. Stay tuned for more details.

Race Face will offer 35-millimeter bars and stems across their Next, Turbine, Atlas and SixC product lines.