News of the Tweet: Word Of The Year – In Video

Words, Videos, Action.

By Seb Kemp

Last week the American Dialect Society's New Words Committee sat down to review the most important words of the year. The runoff included a lot of politically-charged words that have sprung up, or flourished, in 2013, partly due to it being an election year. In the end, and for the third time in four years, the winner came from the tech world: hashtag.

Hashtags, hashtagging and hashdouchebaggery became incredibly popular in 2013 as it spread from its social-media breeding grounds and seeped into popular consciousness, often being used as a form of oral expression.

The runners up were:

Marriage equality…

…Y.O.L.O, an acronym for "You Only Live Once"…

…Fiscal cliff…

… Mitt Romney's infamous gaffe "47 percent" – referring to the vast swath of the electorate who Romney felt he had no chance of attracting, because they pay no federal income tax.

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…Gangnam style. No one should be encouraged to watch this "music video", so instead here's a broadcast by the Conservative New Media, who discuss the relevance and power of the Gangnam style.

The best video on the web this week might just be this one

And to finish, here's the worst video on the web this week. I love (almost) everything does, but taking the DOs & DON'Ts to video is not one of them.