News of the Tweet: What is Twitter?

Sharing, swearing, emptiness?

By Seb Kemp

Is Twitter a way of pumping 140-character-long banal and trivial brain farts into the world? Is Twitter a means of gorging upon an endless stream of vacuous and inane tripe that is as nourishing as snorting the dust from an old book.

This outlook, although perhaps true, is a bit negative, especially considering the premise of this feature is to engage with the weeks Tweets, so let’s look at it another way.

I prefer to see Twitter as a way of sharing. Users can share their thoughts and digital treasures. Twitter allows users to both produce and disseminate news. Twitter can also be used to bring about change, either of underpants or of governments. Look at the Arab Spring flash mob thingy where Twitter (and other social media) became a platform for individuals to communicate their vision for a changed governance. How great is that?

But the very bestest part part about Twitter is that it is also a way of keeping up to date with our favorite pros and celebs. We get to share in their lives and we can hear their pearls of wisdom, their quips, or even their training habits. It's not guff, it’s great.

Take for instance Lopes rubbing it in about being on the beach. I wouldn't have realized how miserable life without a beach was unless he let me know. Now I want to punch the snow that is falling outside my apartment. Maybe I'll try and share in Lopes' beach wonderland by turning up the heating really high and getting down to my jockstrap with Ora Lee, the 72-year-old lady from next door.

Also in California at the moment are the Athertons. They are a busy lot so it is no surprise they forget the little things.

Some people would say they just aren't smart, but I just think they don't care.

They are in California to pump some iron with Darren (aka @TheRealConehead) before the Worlds Most Important Race Series begins but they are also there to show off their new bits. Not only have they got a bald headed sergeant major with a cloud of blue words around his chin but they have got a team of media monkeys there to share the secrets to shouting loudly but saying nothing at all.

Todd Seplavy is the man that makes GTs look nice (or something like that) and his job takes him to the Far East regularly. As part of the communication black out that exists when he steps into the factories over there he was utterly cut off from the Twitter-sphere.

However, I think he is joking about that last tweet because the 6th January was all about one thing and that was the Atherton's. As is this NOTT installment so I'll move onwards to other people that like to share.

At the 2012 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas a BBC news team went inside to ask whether booth babes are an effective marketing strategy or just a reflection of the gender relations in technology.

I know how the reporter feels. Each year at industry shindig, Interbike, fearless reporters like myself have to fight our way past the hordes of savage looking machines of the night who look like they were disassembled and put back together by dirty old men who used a blue print based on the sexual proclivities of teenage boys. It's terribly hard work.

Fox were obviously oblivious to this all when they Fox banged out this boothular tweet. Just in case you missed it.

Twitter can have an Arab Spring affect even on the bike industry. Well not quite. Throughout last week the Twitter scroll was full of exciting court room updates on the Specialized-Volagi case. In the end though the little man lost out and was ordered to pay the “Big Red S” $1.

But the biggest decision of the week was Greg Minnaar's…

What on earth could he be getting at?

Finally, thank you to Brendan Fairclough for sharing this compilation tape of radness.