News of the Tweet: This Just In, You Are All Too Nice

Death by fun bags, flans, and things that happened.

Rather than ramble about some abstract notion of modern living within the web, I thought I'd get back to basics and just recant the news.

This week, by far the biggest story in mountain biking was that the Enduro World Series will go ahead, even without the UCI. A seven stop series will take place in 2013, primarily integrating existing events. The full calendar will be announced on December 4th. A lot of people seem very happy about this.

Enduro fever is reaching screeching levels of excitement, and not just among the racers and teams who bargained on the future.

Enduro, it is plain to see from what other people who say things based on what someone else said, is the future, just like unproven wheel sizes, experimental technology, and the eradication of anonymous internet commenting. This week the Bluegrass Enduro Series announced it was going Europe wide, Norco announced an Enduro team, and Jared Graves was confirmed to be concentrating on Enduro racing in 2013 as part of the Yeti team restructuring.

What is news to most is often old news to others. @teamrumours is always putting out the off-season puzzles, forecasting the future news. As was the case with Cam Cole and Yeti's announcement this week. But who is @teamrumours? Well, we know they spell in colonial way, rightfully keeping the "u" in place.

Talking of secret accounts, who is behind @NotRockyRoads? The world needs a quick witted, sarcastic voice to arm us with a dose of reality.

The other big news was that a woman in Germany was charged with "attempted murder with a weapon" after she smothered her lover with her massive milk pillows.

125-pound Franziska Hansen supposedly overpowered her 180-pound boyfriend, grabbed his head and forced into it an aggressive motorboat, because she "wanted to make your death as pleasurable as possible".

Well, there's news and there is news. You decide what this is.

…or what about this citizens arrest of a bike thief?

Or this…

Talking of Anderson Cooper, he has sharp Twitter teeth it seems. Last week someone questioned his journalistic objectivity and neutrality. Quick as a flash he cut them down. Click the link it is worthwhile for a giggle.

Anderson Cooper gave a sexual intercourse what someone said to him, and good on him for that. Someone lashed out at him with a snide attack but he fought back with ferocious wit. It seems you have to have thick skin these days, what with Twitter giving the world another medium with which to cut the individual down. However, Nathan Heller of New York Magazine argues that on the contrary, the world of the digital cobweb is far more nice than it ever has been.

"Ten years ago, the web offered the worldview of a disaffected apparatchik and the perils of a Wild West saloon. Brawls broke out frequently; snideness triumphed; perverts, predators, and pettifoggers gathered in dark corners to prey on the lost and naïve. Now, though, the place projects the upbeat vigor of a Zumba session and the fellow-feeling of a neighborhood café.

"These days, life online has become friendly, well mannered, oversweet. Everyone is on his or her very best behavior—and if they're not, they tend to be quickly iced out of the conversation…We are endlessly flattering one another, too—sharing everything we do with everyone we know, and reflexively praising every biographical detail that comes over the transom to us."

Has it? More so, if this is true then is this a problem? Well Nathan argues that we are in danger of mixing up what is "liked" with what is genuinely good. The bite of the internet has been diluted and replaced with pleasantry. I don't think we are yet in a place where it's all roses (thank goodness) but it's true that the days of the anonymous internet knobhead having much power are numbered simply because of the tide of goodwill.

I'll leave you with this to consider..