News of the Tweet: #RulesOfTwitter

A bunch of random twits help lay down the ground rules for Twitter.

By Seb Kemp

I stumbled across the hashtag #rulesoftwitter this week (remember our discussion of hashtags or #s from #NOTT16?), and it got me thinking: Is there really rules for Twitter? Surely there are some formal regulations laid down by the meta beasts in the servers but the more interesting rules are the ones laid out by users. The more informal practices, protocols and conventions that form the customs and codes of conduct of the #AverageJoe.

I thought it would be a good chance to assess a few twitterers and their tweets using the rules found on #rulesoftwitter.

A great little thread of tweets appeared these week when @StevePeat and @brendog_1 called out @DannyHart1 for getting in some early practice for last weekends BDS (British Downhill Series) race in Fort William.

Things got a little heated. So what #rulesoftwitter could we apply to these?

Something else that is stirring the pot is this bloody ridiculous 650b palaver. Thankfully, @mbrmagazine are out to see the difference, and as they point out there isn't much to see.

@viclucasphoto makes the point that this isn't entirely fair match up but I think anyone still willing to bet that 650b is the "best of both worlds" deserves to cart around more weight on their wheels and have rotten apples thrown at them.

6mm or whatever the outside diameter difference is. Is it worth it?

I think that anyone who "stood up against 29ers" and is now heralding 650b as the real deal is a right prat and there is one #ruleoftwitter that applies to them…

Likewise with Strava. I have friends, close friends I trusted, who have become Stravettes. I'm sad now. Some say it is a social phenomenon but I think it is a shame.

Even @stikmanglaspell, often the last bastion of reality, has been sucked in by its charms.

Much like the old "if you don't talk about digging on Twitter and Facebook did it really happen?"

But I suppose, again, the rule of letting it wash and unfollowing applies. It's a free world, isn't that right random twitterist?

Sometimes people tweet some great things – links, photos, or words of wisdom – and it can be tempting to take the contents of that tweet and share it as your own. Not cool, is it @bugattibeez?

For example, I saw this tweet by @AlanDavisPhoto last week, and it would have been easy to steal the link and spread the word of it, making it seem like I am some clever, artful, on-the-pulse-chap. But no.

But in the end the biggest #ruleoftwitter is this one.

I'll leave you with this video: