News of the Tweet: Robert Scoble’s Big, Bad Brain

New apps, brilliant start-ups and Philip Seymour Hoffman's Head

By Vernon Felton (filling in for that bastard, Seb Kemp)

Wait—are you expecting tons of witty and pointed observations about the world of social media? Then you're looking for Seb Kemp.

Seb, sadly, has left us.

Well, not the "left us" that implies he's floating belly-up in a goldfish bowl. Nor has he “left us” like an ex who nabs your favorite couch, runs off with your best friend and leaves you high and dry with the security deposit.

Nah, Seb just went on vacation. He's out drinking margaritas or eating shrimp or tanning his pale British arse some place sunny and third world.

Seb might also be staring at a computer screen while nursing a hangover and wearing a Tinker Bell t-shirt. Could happen. Oh, wait, it did happen. Here's the photo.

But, hey, Seb's thinking of you even though he's not here. In fact Mr, Kemp has left us with this Chase Jarvis video.

If you follow News of the Tweet, then you probably know that Chase Jarvis is the successful photographer who has made a habit of taping monthly coffee klatches with brilliant folks.

In this clip, Chase invites Silicon Valley insider, Robert Scoble, to The Garage to talk about smart apps, innovative start-ups and the future of tech for creative types. Interesting side note; it appears that Scoble stole Philip Seymour Hoffman's head and is now wearing it around town. Crazy.