News of the Tweet: Our Best Candidates

Willow’s smooth box, Warner’s box of wine, and Gwin on top of the box again.

By Seb Kemp

I don't pay huge attention to US politics [Editor’s Note: Kemp is a Brit currently living in Canada] (like most of the US electorate). I don't ignore it, I'm just too busy getting distracted by Gwinisms in my Twitter feed, a choked Facebook timeline, and ex-pro racers wearing bikinis and shaving their box. However, this caught my eye.

What made me laugh was that earlier this week I was listening to what sounded like a very coked up Joe Rogan talking with Shane Smith on the Joe Rogan Podcast. On the show he spoke about an upcoming episode of The Vice Guide To Travel where they found a polygamist community who are fighting the cartels. Most interestingly they discovered Mitt Romney was born in this commune. Is this guy really the best republican candidate? Anyway, here's a link so you too can spend forever looping through the endlessly brilliant Vice TV databank.

Steven Levy talked about how everyone is talking about Facebook's IPO. He points out that every journalist seems to be sharing the same old stories, recycling old pieces, and sharing photos that really aren't that exciting (in this case the photos are of Zuckerberg’s wedding). It sounds much like Facebook itself.

What has this got to do with anything? I'm sorry, I'll ignore Facebook and get back to Twitter.

Twitter is six years old? Is that too old to lock it in the cupboard?

The legendary BC Bike Race is coming up and last week Bike Magazine announced it is sending two representatives this year.

Going under the rather odd title of Team Sad Sacks, you can follow Morgan Meredith and Brice Minnigh right up to and through the whole race on twitter. Don't forget to use the correct hashtag #goteamsadsacksgo.

What is Sven Martin doing with his hands in this photo? Ricky Bobby?

Anyway, thank goodness we have the World Cup to fill the internet with good content. As well as the usual epic slideshows (including their imitators) and daily videos from the venue, we now have Rob Warner giving us an insight into the truth of behind the scenes.

I don't have a problem with the juvenile humor, toilet jokes and bad behavior like some internet commentators but I have a problem with cheesy set pieces. Who wrote this? Surely it would be better to just follow him around and document him. Rob Warner doesn't need the prodding of dimwitted directors to make gold. Just wind him up and let him go.

Case in point.

Talking of honest insights, Willow Rockwell gives readers advice on what device to save their poon with.

Anyway, back to the World Cup. Sunday morning I woke up to a Twitter feed raving about Aaron Gwin and seven seconds. Talk about a spoiler. It did take the edge off watching the replay of the finals a bit but I had to see it anyway.

He really does seem to be quite good doesn't he? This picture, courtesy of @insanemrlane explains how he wins by such a margin.