News of the Tweet: Little Voices Loud Noises

@BriceMag, @morga_deth and the most incredible Swedish woman you have ever seen.

Twitter allows us to shout out to the world (the world being your number of followers) without actually having to raise your voice.

You can even act as the voice of your whole nation. @Sweden is the official twitter account of Sweden and each week a different citizen is chosen at random and gets handed the log-in for the nation's Twitter account. As you can imagine things get a little wild from time to time.

There is obviously a little bit of displeasure at such freedom for one person to speak out on behalf of their whole nation, especially when it is a little coarse. However, the organization behind campaign – Visit Sweden – are not backing down. "It's very important for us to let everyone take a unique viewpoint," Tommy Sollén, social media manager at VisitSweden, told The Wall Street Journal. "Every one of our curators is there with a different perspective."

Sonja Abrahamsson, who was in charge of the account last week, was the most famous twitterist for @sweden. She made a lot of bizarre comments and seemed like a cross between Sarah Silverman and a foul mouthed, five-year old boy with a concussion.

I think she is absolutely brilliant. Check out this video of her explaining her week on twitter. Get ready for weird.

The BC Bike Race (@BC_BikeRace) kicks off in twelve days time. The now legendary, week long race takes in more singletrack than any other race and visits some largely unheard of, yet divine locations throughout SouthWest British Columbia.

On the 30th of June, 500 people will be lined up for the start of the BC Bike Race. We can only speculate on what most people will be thinking right then and there as they see seven back-to-back 50-kilometer singletrack days lined up in front of them, but this year there will be a unique opportunity to hear the inner mumblings of two of those racers.

Prince of publishing, Morgan Meredith, and the grey knight of lexical analysis, Brice Minnigh, will be in tweeting away throughout the whole event. Despite being members of the same team (#goteamsadsacksgo) they have been engaged in a spot of what I believe is referred to as ‘trash-talk’ leading up to the event.

Most of the bravado fueled muck slinging has come from Brice's corner of twitdom while Morgan has been content to float about taken emotional pictures of his bicycles in various locations.

Who knows what is the best preparation for the @BC_BikeRace, Brice's Strava-centric dick measuring approach or Morgan's slow and silent pigeon feeding.

Brice has chosen his whip. Here we can see it propped against a bench he used to climb onto it.

Anyway, the point of all this is to introduce you to Team Sad Sacks. Follow them on Twitter and you will be able to track them as they attempt to get around the full BC Bike Race course faster than you can say "Shit, it is ship week!"