News of the Tweet: It is a Question of Questioning

Wearing your mum's pants, the big game, and farting into someone’s face.

By Seb Kemp

Twitter raises more questions than it answers. It opens us up to more tid-bits of information but nothing that really answers the questions it raises. This week's #NOTT is all about asking the big questions. Like why do we have nails and not claws, do yoga pants have some sort of anti-gravity field in them, and is it really ironic to have ra-e-ean or your wedding day?

In Aspen, Colorado, last week, Shaun White scored the first perfect score in Winter X Games history in Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe finals on Sunday, winning his fifth-consecutive gold medal–a first in Snowboard SuperPipe. He had already won the competition, but decided to take a victory lap that included a massive 18-foot backside air, a frontside double cork 1080, a Cab double cork 1080, a frontside stalefish 540, a double McTwist 1260 and the frontside double cork 1260. White is officially the only person to have ever landed a frontside double cork 1260 in competition. Doing it for redheads everywhere, he bullies and taunts his competition with his video-game-like insanity.

Not only does he leave the world pondering ‘How do you better a perfect score?’, but he leaves some people pondering whether it was a perfect score or just a marketing stunt? Perhaps it was designed to attract positive attention to the X-Games franchise after recent unfortunate and negative publicity. The death of pipe skier Sarah Burke had a huge impact on the winter fraternity and the disqualification of Langley McNeal when the French team complained that she was wearing an armband that said ‘Sarah’ on it really could of overshadowed the Games.

Another question it raises is: Does being superhuman give someone special dispensation to wear fancy dress or is it just rubbing it in a little more?

Back to biking. Greg Minnaar raises a question that perhaps deserves some serious attention

To wear or not to wear a neck brace has been a hot topic in the lift line of Whistler Bike Park for a couple of summers now, but there hasn't been much investigation into the matter by anyone other than companies that produce them. Now the question is whether we should fold our neck or our helmet.

I found this link to design blog Design Taxi and their mini-profile of flaming mad froggy Patrick Jouffret's foldable helmet. Question: Would you rather wear one or would you keep it on your desk as a funky paperweight?

Talking of risking your life, Outside Magazine posted a neat little video that asks why extreme sports athletes risk their lives.

In other news the Santa Cruz Syndicate moved over to Fox and Shimano bits and bobs, The Whistler Bike Park loose Kona and Marzocchi but gain Giant and SRAM as sponsors, Danny Macaskill tools up with Lezyne, Kyle Strait joined the ever expanding GT team, and Kye Forte got himself a 29er and raced DH on it. Blah, blah, blah….

Hang on, wait up. Kye who? Well Kye Forte (@kyeforte) is a Red Bull sponsored BMX dirt jumper who has won multiple World Championship titles, so what on earth is he doing on a circus bike (not my words) and racing downhill on it?

Yesterday was also the big game. Fortunately the halftime entertainment was far better than this years Nickelback Grey Cup halftime show but M.I.A did do the naughty when she fingered the American Audience.

Was this just a marketing stunt? With a new record out (do we call them records still?) it wouldn't be unfair to say that slinging the middle digit and having a potty mouth would be a great way of gaining a lot of attention for M.I.A.

While on the subject, M.I.A.'s new record, Bad Girl, is a banger so turn up the volume and full screen this bit of Arab swagger.

Also brought into question this week was whether the environmental concerns of the Red Bull Supernatural contest that were voiced by "Warren Smith" in a letter to the organizers were actually legitimate or whether the whole story was a plant designed to bring more attention to the contest. What do you think? Clever marketers or moody tree huggers?

One last possible marketing stunt was Sam Reynolds' Twitter confession (or brag).

Until next week, have fun banging out questions and queries on Twitter otherwise I'll have to find something else to do with my Monday mornings.