News of the Tweet: Inane Entertainment

I stand accused, surprise surprise and #FML.

By Seb Kemp

I get drawn to certain tweets, not just for the benefit of this weekly workout but also in my day-to-day scanning of Twitter (read as: procrastination). Some tweets seem to lock with my eyes and draw me to them whereas others seem to be passed over like their only purpose is to space the good stuff out a little.

So when I read the above tweet I thought, 'wow, that looks interesting, maybe that will nourish me' (read as: give me something to show for this procrastination). The idea of someone isolating themselves from consumerist work ethic as much they they possibly can seems pretty interesting. However, Britt's (I can't find her second name in the article) experience wasn't that revelatory. All she seems to have discovered is that there is no social stigma to not purchasing wantonly, she has more money and more time. Wow, not exactly that ground breaking findings there, Britt. It is like the equivalent of asking yourself what would be the consequence of bathing in your own urine. I'm pretty sure the results are pretty obvious to all.

Anyway, Britt is only half way through the experiment and she should be applauded for doing anything to slowdown the landfillization of planet earth.

But anyway, the point is I was attracted to this tweet even if wasn't that interesting. Whenever I talk with friends who don't have Twitter accounts their first reaction is 'Why? I don't want to read all about people's dinner and the boring stuff they do'. I have to explain them that twitter isn't really like that. It is about sharing useful information and having a trusted network of information gatherers on hand to forage for useful information. Twitter isn't necessarily about people's bowel movements or witless commentary of their own lives.

Well, not always. Anyway, let's look at Justin Leov's tweet. Here is a professional rider who uses his Twitter wisely. Not just to inform the world about every moment of his life, but that he can actually spell, therefore dispelling the social stereotype that athletes are arrogant, lack a sense of perspective, and are uneducated nincompoops.

More so, it shows that they aren't any different to you or I. The average user of Twitter or Facebook behaves in exactly the same way, cluttering up the feeds with self-centered updates that they think is important because it happened to them.

The above link details the top ten things that journalists do on Twitter that drive some people nuts. My offenses are occasionally doing number 5 ("retweeting everybody who tweets about your article") and number 8 ("reposting for the morning crowd").

There's no excuse for it but I tell myself I have to sell my crap and part of that is having it heard above the clammer of inane banter on the internet.

But I ask myself in moments of self-reflection 'Am I just being the social media equivalent of a door to door salesman?

What do you think Sal? Are we not just acting desperate? Isn't it enough to do the work without pimping it out? Is all we are doing is saying 'BUY MY THOUGHTS?'

NOTE: Keep watching past the pretty colors and piercing sound.

The reason I say this is because I'm currently reading Ranulph Fiennes’ autobiography and now every time I go near Twitter or Facebook I'm racked with the thought that nothing I ever do with my time on any medium of social media will ever equate to even the smallest thing that unflappable Ran did. The guy went to both Poles under his own steam, several times. He ran seven marathons on seven continents in seven days when he was in his 50s. I doubt his generation or people of his ilk give a damn about what happens on Twitter. Imagine sitting down with a chap like Ranulph Fiennes and explaining to him that part of your work week was to scour through Twitter. Then when he asked to know what Twitter was, you would be at a loss to make it sound any different than 'Well, it is where people can tell the world anything they want'. To which he might reply, 'You mean tell the world something brave, inspiring and uplifting?'. 'Err, you could, but mostly it is people talking about how their dog looked at them funny, that they just found a twenty dollar bill down the back of the sofa, that they are at work and they have a chronically clogged up toilet. That sort of thing. Sounds stupid but…errr…it isn't. Or I didn't think it was stupid until you gave me that look you are giving me. I'll get my coat.'

Before I leave here is some stuff that happened on Twitter in case you were so busy actually doing something rad with your life that you couldn't be tethered to Twitter like me.

I think Sven is responding to the first round of the Oregon Enduro Series (formerly the Oregon Super-D Series) that was held in his former home town of Bend, OR. Sven is the perhaps the biggest advocate of Enduro racing and might be making a statement about how renaming something doesn't actually change the character of it. I shouldn't get involved because I wasn't able to see the event courses for myself. However, I think it is fair to say that real Enduro shouldn't be won on 4" travel 29ers.

#FML lives on.

This is going to be good…

…but this is going to be way better. Can not wait. I know it is not fashionable to like mountain bike movies that some people think of as bike porn for the ADHD generation, but I like pornography, I like bikes and I haven't got much time left in my busy day watching the twitter feed so I want my entertainment hard and fast.

BEWARE: Linked images are not safe for work or kids.

This is a good example of attention grabbing tweet. Vice is good at those.