News of the Tweet: In Search of The Lame

Competition, bloggers hang up their keyboards, and Mad Dog joins the loony bin

By Seb Kemp

Last week we trolled Twitter until we stumbled up the corner of the digital community hall where some of the nitwits and buffoons hang out. This week we move along to an area which is arguably much less cool, simply because the various parties that reside here spend think they are much cooler than they might be or bag on others for not being cool.

Outside Magazine briefly summarized some of the best rivalries in modern sports and reminded us that what we think is cool today might be painfully uncool tomorrow. Like baggy jeans, chain wallets, and studded belts were once de rigueur but now seem decidedly lame, one day sleeve tattoos, tight pink jeans, and thick-rim glasses will be regarded as square and cheesy. Oh wait…

But Outside's rundown is very sparse, which is evidence to support what we already know but is good to have someone smart point it out in detail. In this case, the-thing-we-didn't-realize-we-knew-until-someone-else-pointed-it-out is that content of depth or range is dead, killed flat by short, pithy, and increasingly four-color content.

According to Ekaterina Walter, digitally-speaking, wordy blogs are dead and micro blogs like Twitter rule. Going one step further, even writing a 140-character (maximum) Tweet is too much for some people and they would prefer to snap one image and drag it through various heavy handed new age fun, with a vintage feel filters. Words or content is being replaced by easily shared, easy to engage with photographs. This trend is being picked up by marketeers who can do half the work and can easily substantiate the worth of such "work" with simple metrics. The trend is for much more of much less by many more social media gurus. Now a few clicks of the pocket camera and then sit back and let the world do the marketing for you.

The livelihood of an army of bloggers is in jeopardy (not that they ever had a livelihood because blogs make money like bears make honey). There is a vast sea of stay at home creatives who were quick to stand up and ride the wave of blogging but couldn't adapt when the wave changed and dumped them out the back, floating towards the sewerage outlet. I don't think this is a particularly bad thing though.

Even big-boy, media superpowers are facing competition as trends change.

Actually, I don't know if Rene Wildhaber knew that he was knocking out such a timely pun out there or if he just says what he sees. Either way, Pinkbike faces competition of a totally different kind.

But back to cool school rivalries. BMX has always laughed at mountain biking, even while some of its own joined band camp just to collect a cheque or two. Sam Reynolds might be trying to wind up a few tattooed, tight jean wearing hipsters when he made that claim but perhaps he is right because last week I read something that made my spine curl.

Yep, BMX has caught the wheel size bug and its most regarded leader, Chris Moeller, is the zombie leading the charge for blood.

I don't know what to say about it all really. Even the idea of considering a new wheel size in BMX gives me a headache. Not a little vague twinge, but a full-roar throb that leaves me doubled up, disorientated, and reaching for a handful of prescription suppressants.

I can deal with wheel sizes in mountain biking now. It's just something that we have to deal with but have got so used to it it can be ignored. But 22" BMX wheels? That's just…not cool.

We mountain bikers are not cool. We can't be. We roam around on the interwebs looking up statistics and data on expensive shiny objects, then we spend our remaining time in the woods getting dirty, falling over and rolling around in the muck grinning like droopy-armed, special school children. Half of us have ruined it for everyone by prancing around in spandex and the other half don't know that they are painfully uncool. Which is what makes us cooler than many sports who self-proclaim their coolness. Of course, now I've made the argument that we are cool it makes us totally not cool at all. Better get sea sweeping.