News of the Tweet: CopyCats

LOLcats, morons and making bank.

By Seb Kemp

Twitter have begun emailing a weekly round-up of all the most pertinent and relevant Tweets and stories shared by people you're connected to on Twitter.

Similar to the 'Discover' tab – where links and Tweets are summarized to help you decide which are more important to you, the emails feature "the most engaging Tweets seen by people you follow, even if you don't follow those who wrote them", Twitter wrote on its blog.

Well, that sounds like News Of The Tweet territory so without further ado let's summarize the weekly goings on in the world of high performance mountain bicycles.

Sam Hill had a kid.

People congratulated him.

The bully family took to the streets of Twitter to give Brendan Fairclough a Chinese burn.

However, it looks like he is training. That's quite the weight to hang from your balls. He could get a job at the fairground or the circus.

Not that he is that bothered with the Atherton's cruel words. He has talents beyond just riding bicycles in front of crowds of people.

Not content with bullying little old Brendog, Gee also attacked his trainer on Twitter. Showing everyone numerous pictures of him eating cakes.

Yep, summer has begun. I think the official hashtag of Whistler-Blackcomb is #summersback.
Anyway, it has or is. Part of the hype machine was this amazing video of Whistler's own anti-hero, Ian Morrison, going all sorts of twisted.

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But not everyone was into it.

Likewise, the XC Eliminator.

If you haven't already then please take a moment to read Bike magazine's rousing discourse on the ills of XC Eliminator.

Yes, research grants are being spent on brainy people looking into the 'cultural phenomena' of LOLcats. These things…

Really? Are we as a society completely barren of anything more worthy of serious intellectual discourse? How utterly stupid are we becoming that we allow oxygen to be wasted on people like this? Surely, we can fix the looming environmental crisis by just reducing the number of people that are taking up room and resources on the planet. One way of selecting who gets erased and who gets to stay should be to ask if anyone has ever spent company or personal time looking at LOLcats on-line.

In social media news, Pinterest is valued at a nutty $1.5billion. This is what the Globe And Mail report said,

"Pinterest - one of Silicon Valley's fastest growing startups - is valued at $1.5-billion, up sharply from $200-million late last year, Wall Street Journal said.

Valuations for tech startups have been rising dramatically, as illustrated by Facebook's $1-billion purchase of photo-sharing application Instagram last month.

Pinterest, an online scrapbook where users can "pin" images and follow others, has grown from less than one million users in May 2011 to about 20 million in April, according to comScore. It is the 16th most-visited site in the United States, according to Web information company Alexa."

Pinterest? Really? I thought it was for women to compare shopping receipts and recipes. Turns out anything insanely inane can get you paid big these days. I decided to look at Pinterest a little closer, but I'll save you the big findings this week. It has already been a tiring installment of #NOTT, what with all the talk of chocolate cakes and babies.

What I did find, and perhaps you will find interesting too, is this report and summary of Pinterest , titled 'Why Your SEO and Social Strategy Should Include Pinterest'.

Basically, in the report they showed how they increased the interest in someone's apple pie recipe from zero to a little bit more than that.

As the Globe And Mail report highlighted, the talk of mega millions and bonkers billions is partly because Facebook paid such an obscene amount for Instagram recently.

Zuckerberg got married recently and is the 29th richest man in the world now. Congratulations.

This tweet blew my mind.